Initial Press Release

Sunoco Pipeline experienced a release of crude oil the evening of May 10 that resulted in many of your homes, cars, etc., being impacted.  We apologize to you and your neighbors for the inconvenience this has caused. Please know that we are committed to working with each of you who have been impacted and to fully cleaning your neighborhood to your full satisfaction as quickly as possible.  The cleanup process begun immediately yesterday and the area is safe and secure.

Activities that are currently underway, and will be until the situation is fully corrected, are as follows:

1. Four land agents will remain in the neighborhood as direct contacts for homeowners and address concerns. These agents went door-to-door yesterday to speak with landowners and leave fliers to those who were not home. They are here to respond to concerns and organize resources needed to each impacted homeowner.
2. On Saturday, May 12, approximately 14 hydro washing units will be in the neighborhood contacting landowners to clean any home or outdoor items that may have been impacted.  This includes lightly washing roofs of homes if desired.  Tarps will be used to capture run off water.
3. Several car wash locations will be established in the neighborhood to clean vehicles with oil residue. After the wash, the owner will also be given a car wash certificate to be used at the neighborhood car wash.
4. Landscape professionals or an arborist will be deployed to review landscaping or other lawn planting material that appears to be negatively impacted, and such material will be either treated or replaced to the satisfaction of the homeowner.
5. All homeowners in the HOA subdivision, whether they were impacted or not, will be given a $100 gift card.
6. Our environmental consultant has been conducting air and soil tests, which have proven no airborne impacts. We will continue this monitoring for both airborne and ground hydrocarbons in real-time each day throughout the cleanup process.

On behalf of  Sunoco Pipeline LP and those in the field addressing this incident, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we respond to the neighborhood and homeowners.  We remain available to answer and address concerns from you, your board and your homeowners.

We have set up a toll-free number to address any concerns or questions you may have.  This number is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please mention you are calling from the Oklahoma City area and provide your name, address, phone number and a general description of why you are calling.

Toll-free Number:

We will provide updated information to you on the status of our efforts as it becomes available.